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Nishkam学校 西伦敦 celebrates NACE Challenge Award accreditation

The National Association for Able Children in 教育 (NACE) has named Nishkam学校 西伦敦 the 455th school to be accredited with the NACE Challenge Award. The award is given in recognition of school-wide commitment to high-quality provision for more able 学习者, within the context of challenge for all.

NACE CEO Sue Riley said: “Nishkam学校 has worked hard to attain accreditation through the NACE Challenge Award. It has shown itself to be committed to developing an environment in which all 学习者 are challenged and supported to be the best they can be.”

Excerpt from Nishkam学校’s Challenge Award assessment report: “Provision for more able pupils is at the heart of the school’s plan for improvement. 学校领导, including governance, have created an ethos of high expectations, seeking out and celebrating all children's achievements and strengths including those of the more able and talented. Pupils spoke enthusiastically about the way that teachers found different ways to motivate them and stretch their learning and understanding.”

The award is based on the NACE Challenge Framework, which sets out criteria for high-quality provision for more able 学习者 within a wider ethos of challenge for all. The framework is available as part of the NACE Challenge Development Programme – a suite of resources developed by NACE to help schools evaluate and improve their provision for more able 学习者.

Improving provision for the more able remains a priority for many schools and has been highlighted by Ofsted and the DfE as a key focus. The experience and evidence gathered by Challenge Award accredited schools also shows that effective strategies to improve provision for the more able are likely to have a positive impact on the achievement of a much wider group of 学习者.

To attain the Challenge Award, schools must complete a detailed self-evaluation using the NACE Challenge Framework, submit a portfolio of supporting evidence, and undertake assessment by a NACE associate. The assessment process includes examination of school data and key documents; lesson observations; and interviews with school leaders, 学习者, parents and governors. 

CEO Sue Riley said, “The award is presented in recognition of whole-school commitment to and achievement in providing effective challenge and support for all – spanning school leadership, 课程, teaching and learning, processes for identification and tracking, extracurricular opportunities, strong communication and partnerships, and ongoing evaluation.”

Deputy Head Teacher (Primary phase) Sarah Militello said, "We are delighted to receive this award in recognition of our ongoing commitment to providing opportunities for all our pupils to achieve academic excellence. Taking part in the NACE Challenge Award has further embedded our ethos of challenging all students to reach their full potential across all areas of the 课程."  


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